Top five reasons to be a Shared Lives carer in Southampton

Shared Lives carers support people with learning disabilities, mental health needs, older persons, and physical disabilities. The scheme is recognised as a cost-effective way of supporting individuals who have been assessed as needing additional help to live in the community, with the Southampton service awarded a “Good” rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

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Get involved with Shared Lives

Here’s what our carers tell us are the benefits of getting involved with Shared Lives:

1. You get to enjoy a flexible way of working that fits in with your lifestyle

Being a Shared Lives carer means just that – you share your life with the person you care for and control how much time you give to your professional responsibilities, so they fit around your personal commitments. The support you provide can vary, from a couple of days a week to a full-time, live-in arrangement. Whatever works for you.

2. You get to work from home and enjoy a career that truly makes a difference

The way we work has changed a lot over the last few years, and Shared Lives is no different. The beauty of the scheme is that everything is home based, putting you and the adult(s) you care for at the heart of the service and helping make the transition between work and home life easier.

3. See the adult(s) you support develop their skillls, work towards goals, and support them to be more independent

We carefully match people based on common interests and personalities, meaning you get to build genuine and lasting relationships via the Shared Lives scheme. Plus, with the ongoing support you give, you will see first-hand the changes you can make to someone’s life.

4. Receive financial rewards for working in a fulfilling role

All our Shared Lives carers are self-employed. Being a Shared Lives carer means you are entitled a generous tax break which makes all the difference financially.

5. Access free training and a dedicated team to offer support and guidance

Whether you have worked in a caring profession before or not, you can use your skills gained elsewhere to make a real difference to yours and someone else’s life. No specific qualifications are needed, although free ongoing training will be provided, and our experienced Shared Lives team are on hand to provide support.