Other Welfare Benefit changes

The Government has made major changes to the benefits and tax credits system which has affected a large number of households in Southampton. These changes could significantly cut the amount of benefit you get.

Details of these changes are still being finalised by the Government and may be subject to change. For the latest updates, visit this page and the Department for Work & Pensions website regularly.

It is important that you know how your household budget will be affected by these changes, especially if you’re already struggling to pay your bills.

For advice on managing your debt, please see the Help with debt pages.

Learn how benefit changes affect each of the following:

Check your benefits entitlement

If you fall into one of the groups listed below, there may be benefits you can claim:

  • Unemployed and looking for work
  • In work and on a low income
  • Bringing up children
  • Ill or have a disability
  • Care for someone
  • Retired

There is a range of online benefit calculators available, to help you work out if you can get any benefits.

GOV.UK - Benefits calculators

Community resources

Welfare Rights & Money Advice service - Can give you advice on budgeting and dealing with debt.

Money and debt advice - useful contacts - Contains contact details for other money and debt advice organisations.

Citizens Advice Southampton - Is an independent charity offering free, independent and impartial advice to the people of Southampton.

Benefits advice pages - Can give you more information on the help you may be able to get.