Things you cannot appeal against

Decisions about claims

  • Which partner in a couple is to be the claimant 
  • Who may claim when someone is unable to act

Decisions about payments

  • When and how Housing Benefit is paid 
  • Making a payment on account 
  • The frequency of payment of a rent allowance 
  • Making payment to a person entitled 
  • Paying outstanding Housing Benefit after a death 
  • Suspending or restoring Housing Benefit

Decisions about overpayments

  • What ‘an overpayment’ means 
  • If we choose to recover an overpayment or not 
  • The method of recovery

Other decisions

  • LHA figures and areas 
  • Rent determinations in rent referral cases 
  • The DWP’s assessed income figure (AIF)– though modifications to it are appealable 
  • Whether to run a local scheme for pensions for war disablement and war bereavement 
  • A refusal to correct a mistake out-of-time 
  • Any figure laid down in the law (e.g. the capital limit or the amount of the benefit cap) 
  • Discretionary Housing Payment decisions.

If you are a landlord

You only have certain rights to appeal against your tenants Housing Benefit, you cannot appeal about the amount of Housing Benefit entitlement.

You can appeal if we decide not to pay Housing Benefit entitlement directly to you and you can also appeal if we have asked you to pay back an overpayment of your tenant's Housing Benefit entitlement.