Council Tax Reduction scheme appeals process

If you disagree with a decision regarding your Council Tax Reduction you must send an appeal to us. This must be in writing (you do not need to make a separate appeal if you are already writing to us about Housing Benefit).

How long do I have to appeal?

There is no time limit for a Council Tax Reduction appeal. Bear in mind though the longer you leave it the more Council Tax you may need to pay if you are not receiving the correct amount of reduction. Your Council Tax charge will not be suspended while you wait for your appeal. You must continue to make payments.

How long will my appeal take?

Once you have appealed we have two months to respond to you. If we do not respond to you within two months or you are still unhappy with a decision you can send an appeal straight to The Valuation Tribunal

What will happen if I am successful?

If your appeal is successful the Council Tax department will either:

  • Issue a refundĀ 
  • Use the award to clear arrearsĀ 
  • Use the award against a future bill