Household Support Fund

Additional funding has been made available from the UK Government to local councils via Household Support Fund to help to support those most in need to help with rising living costs.

The current Southampton Household Support Fund scheme (1 April 2022 – 30 September 2022) offers the following support:

  • Help for pupils eligible for Free School Meals: As part of the Household Support Fund, we will continue to support financially vulnerable families using the Free School Meals (FSM) Voucher Scheme over the 2022 summer holidays, with a £30 voucher per eligible child/pupil. This will continue to be offered directly from education settings and will include a single supermarket voucher. If you are unsure whether you qualify for FSM, please speak to your early years setting, school or college. Or you can use our helpful checker. School aged pupils who are eligible for FSM are also able to access the city’s Holiday Activity and Food Programme (HAF). Families are encouraged to redeem their vouchers by the close of play on the 19 August 2022. There is no requirement for the vouchers to be spent, just redeemed. Those vouchers that have not been redeemed by this date, will become invalid and no longer accessible.
  • Help for low-income pensioners: We will be making a one-off, direct Household Support Fund and Discretionary Council Tax Payment to Southampton pensioner households who were in receipt of Council Tax Support on 1 August 2022. If you are eligible, there will be no need to apply for this support.
    • If you pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit: If you are eligible for this payment, you will receive it directly into your bank account on or around 22 August
    • If you do not pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit: If you are eligible for this payment, you will receive a voucher through the post. The voucher will come as a bar code embedded in a letter from Southampton City Council. The letter will give instructions on how to redeem the voucher at the Post Office. Voucher letters will be sent out to eligible households from 15 August
  • Help for other low-income households: We have also had an online Southampton Household Support Fund for low-income Southampton residents. Due to high levels of applications and limited funding, this is now closed to new applications. The Government has a wider package of Cost of Living support for low income households.

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