Section 46 notice

This is a legal notice that lets you know the rules around managing your household waste in Southampton. It tells you what to put in each container and how to present your waste for collection. All residents must follow Section 46, Environmental Protection Act, 1990.

The notice explains things like:

  • Where to present your waste for collection
  • What to do with your waste containers between collection days
  • Not to put out extra bags of general waste for collection (side waste)

We may issue Section 46 Notices to individual properties.

Waste crime

There are some easy steps the public can take to take to avoid unwittingly contributing to waste crime:

  • Check the people taking away your rubbish are registered waste carriers. Ideally they should have a copy of their registration documents on them; ask to see these. You can check their licence number on the Environment Agency public register, or call 03708 506506 and the Environment Agency can check for you
  • Get a written receipt/transfer note showing the contact details of the people taking away your rubbish, a description of your waste and details of where they are taking it
  • Note down the make, colour and registration number of the vehicle that is taking your waste away

Section 46 frequently asked questions

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