Garden waste collection

Sign up to our household garden waste collection service to receive fortnightly collections. You'll be pleased to hear that prices for 2021-22 will remain the same as the previous year.

The garden waste collection service is a convenient and cost-effective way of disposing of your green waste and the wheeled bin makes it easy to move from the garden to the point of collection. It is also great for the environment as your garden waste is turned into compost.

The service runs from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022. Please see below for our price ranges.

Bin size Standard prices
(1 April 2021 - 31 March 2022)
Sacks £52.50 (for qualifying properties only)
140 L £47.50 (small, for customers who already have a 140 litre bin only)
240 L £50
360 L £70 (large, for customers who already have a 360 litre bin only)

Please note, to sign up you will need a valid email address.

Pay for the 2021/22 garden waste service now

You can subscribe to this service in one of the following ways

  • Online by Direct Debit - This option qualifies you for a £5 discount if you sign up before 22 February 2021. If you are already signed up to annual Direct Debit and you want to keep this service then you need take no further action

  • Online by debit/credit card - This option qualifies you for a £5 discount if you sign up before 31 March 2021

  • Telephone - Call us on 023 8083 3005. Please note: this payment method does not qualify you for the discounted price

  • Cash Office - The Cash Office in Gateway is open from 10am to 2pm, Monday to Friday, except bank holidays

After signing up, you can check collection days on the bin collection calendar. Garden waste collection days will only show on the calendar after your bin is delivered.

Due to on-going improvements in garden waste collection, existing customers may see a change in their collection day. Please refer to the bin collection calendar to confirm your collection day.

Note to new customers

Thank you to all the new customers who have signed up to our garden waste service!

We’ve been overwhelmed with how many of you keen gardeners have signed up in recent weeks.

We would like to ask new customers to please bear with us, as this has meant we’re a little behind with delivering bins. We will get these out to you as quickly as we can.

Note to existing customers

Please renew before 1 April 2021 if you wish to continue with the service. If the service is not renewed by 1 May 2021, the bin will be removed from your property.

Customers already signed up will receive a reminder, either by email or in the post.

Customers who are already signed up by Direct Debit will have their payment taken in the first week of April.

If you would like to change the size of your bin from a 140 or 360 litre bin to a 240 litre bin, there is a one-off £10 charge to cover administration and delivery costs.

Cancellations and queries

If you have a query or decide that you no longer wish to subscribe to the service, please contact

On cancellation, your bin will be collected. Please note, this is a non-refundable service.

What do I do if I move house?

If you are signed-up to garden waste collections and move house then you can transfer the service to the new address as long as it is still in Southampton. You will need to transport the bin yourself. You will also need to let us know about the change of address by emailing