Garden waste collection - Frequently asked questions

If you have a question about your garden waste collection you should be able to find the information you need below. 

You can also visit our garden waste sign up page or find information about composting at home.

Signing up for garden waste collections

How do I sign up for garden waste collections? SHOW

What size bin can new customers have? SHOW

What can I put in my garden waste bin? SHOW

When will my bin be delivered? SHOW

Prices and payment

How much does it cost? SHOW

How does the Direct Debit work? SHOW

Can Direct Debits be set up over the phone? SHOW

I am already signed up by Direct Debit, what do I need to do? SHOW

How will the online payment or Direct Debit appear on my bank statement? SHOW

Renewing and cancellation

What happens if I do not renew? SHOW

How do I cancel my Direct Debit? SHOW

If I wish to cancel, do I receive a refund? SHOW

Bins and collections

How do I find out my collection day? SHOW

How often will my bin be collected? SHOW

What happens if my bin is missed? SHOW

Can I change the size of my bin? SHOW

Can I get additional bins? SHOW

What happens if my 140 litre or 360 litre bin is lost or damaged? SHOW

Can I keep my bin if I move house? SHOW

Do I qualify for garden waste bags? SHOW


Do you collect side waste? SHOW

Do you clean the bin as part of this service? SHOW

What do I do if I need help putting my bins out? SHOW

What happens to my garden waste? SHOW

Half yearly collection service

Will you be offering a half yearly service? SHOW

What size bin can I have? SHOW

How much does it cost? SHOW

Can I pay by Direct Debit? SHOW

I do not want to subscribe for a full year, can I keep my bin and resubscribe for the half year service? SHOW