Private hire drivers' licence documents

All prospective applicants for private hire drivers’ licences must satisfy the city council, as licensing authority, that they are fit and proper persons to hold such a licence. Please note that the evidence of passing the basic skills assessment and driving skills assessment must be submitted prior to the submission of the application form.

Anyone who drives a licensed private hire vehicle must hold a licence to do so from the city council, in every circumstance. This is because the vehicle remains licensed whether or not it is hired or available for hire.

More information on private hire drivers’ licences

Document Type Size
PH driver application - Worddocx45KB
PHD policy and conditionspdf107KB
BTec and Driving Skillspdf102KB
Medical report formdocx96KB
Taxi driver fit and proper policypdf143KB
Licence enforcement policypdf67KB
Byelaw 43 - Hackney Carriages and Motor Vehicles Let for Hire 1970 - annotatedpdf63KB