Trading Standards cannot help with

Trading Standards do not deal with:

  • Banking, insurance, finance and utility companies who all have their own organisations to deal with complaints
  • Disputes relating to land including the purchase of houses; you will have to seek advice from a solicitor
  • Landlord and tenant disputes; you will need to contact the CAB, Shelter, or a solicitor
  • Local authorities, including Southampton City Council, as they have specific complaints procedures
  • Parking, clamping and related charges. For parking on the highway contact the relevant local council, for car parks contact the car park operator and for private land contact the landowner. There is a dispute procedure on the POPLA website
  • Personal injuries, accidents and losses; you will need to talk to a solicitor or your insurance provider

Employment disputes; you will need to talk to your Trade Union, Job Centre Plus, ACAS, CAB or a solicitor.

For general consumer advice please contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline: 0808 27 87 863 or Citizens Advice