Feeding out and about

Southampton Welcomes Breastfeeding

All of our family hub sites are members of the Southampton Welcomes Breastfeeding Scheme. You are welcome to feed your little one anywhere within our venues and within any of our groups.

Infant feeding rooms

If you would like somewhere with a dedicated feeding space or perhaps just a quiet spot for you and your infant to feed and unwind, then all of our family hubs have, or will soon have, breastfeeding rooms that you are welcome to pop in and use, any time the hub is open.

The rooms feature:

  • Books
  • Support information
  • Reclining chair
  • Sofa
  • Mirror
  • Stool
  • Lamp
  • Pictures
  • Radio
  • Water dispenser
  • Toys

Breastfeeding friendly locations

Find a list of other venues across Southampton that are signed up to the scheme by popping your postcode into the Breastfeeding Friendly Locations search map. You can identify a venue signed up to the scheme by looking out for the Southampton Welcomes Breastfeeding logo.

Southampton Welcomes Breastfeeding logo

It is important to remember that your right to breastfeed in any public place is protected by the UK Equality Act (2010).