Privacy notice for Phoenix @ Pause Southampton

Why do we collect and use this information?

In order to carry out this function, Southampton City Council processes personal data about the following types of people: Phoenix @ Pause Customers / Clients.

We hold this personal data securely and use it to:

  • Provide a bespoke support service to customers accessing the Phoenix @ Pause service.
  • Measure the effectiveness of the Phoenix with Pause programme in the city
  • Complete statutory returns, such as to the Department of Education (DfE)

Unless stated, we are the data controller for your personal data, and the following sections provide detail about the information we process, and explains what allows us to do this (the lawful basis), who we may share it with, and how long we keep it for (the retention period).

The categories of information that we collect, hold, and share

As a local authority, we only process data that is necessary for us to carry out our statutory functions. To carry out our duties in respect of Phoenix at Pause in Southampton programme the type of information we process is as follows:

Personal Data

  • Case file information
  • Contact Details (Name, address, telephone number, etc.)
  • Employment details
  • Health information
  • Housing needs
  • NHS Number
  • NI Number
  • Relevant Contact (eg Next of Kin / Carer)
  • Summary of your needs
  • Record of your progress through the Phoenix @ Pause Southampton programme

Special categories (or sensitive personal data)

  • Physical or Mental Health
  • Racial or Ethnic Origin

The lawful basis on which we use this information

The use of your personal data is compliant with the following conditions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA2018):

  • Article 6(1)(e) of the GDPR – It is necessary for us to process your information so we can carry out our official functions or public tasks
  • Article 9(2)(h) of the GDPR – It is necessary for us to process your personal data so we can provide social care, and maintain our social care systems and records

Details of our statutory powers and duties can be found on the Local Government Association’s website.

Under this lawful basis, we do not require your consent to process this information but we are required, through this privacy notice, to ensure that you are fully informed of why we are collecting this information and what we will do with it.

Storing and Securing Data

The information provided to us for Phoenix @ Pause service will be held in the following format: Digital.

The information provided to us will be held in accordance with the Council’s Retention Schedule, and then it will be securely destroyed.

For information held for the purposes of Phoenix @ Pause Southampton service, your personal data will be held for the following period: 8 years from the date of the last entry.

Who do we share information with?

We may share your personal information with external organisations, such as the Police, to prevent and detect crime, however, this would only occur when the law allows us to do so.

We may have to share your information with other teams and departments in the Council, in order to fulfil this, and other statutory duties, and to deliver a sufficient level of service, in the public interest, as a local authority.

For the purposes of Phoenix @ Pause Southampton, we will routinely have to share some your data with the following types of organisations:

  • Commissioned Providers
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Police
  • Probation Services
  • Voluntary and Charitable Organisations