Preparing for adulthood pathway

Our pathway provides an overview of the key milestones for each age and school year. It includes prompts for both services and the family and young person to consider as they approach adulthood and beyond.

The pathway applies to any young person requiring transition planning into adulthood. It has been developed by a multi-agency group in Southampton, with education, social care, health and parent/carer forums for both Children and Adults services.

Year 9 (age 14) SHOW

Year 10 (age 15) SHOW

Year 11 (age 16) SHOW

Year 12 (Age 17) SHOW

Year 13 (Age 18) SHOW

Post Year 13 (Age 19-25) SHOW


There are some further helpful resources for young people preparing for adulthood:

  • Download the transition guide - this gives you in-depth information about the different professionals and groups involved with the transition process, and how it all works.