Transition process for SEND children, or families receiving social care

Approaching adulthood can be a time of apprehension and confusion for young people.

It can feel like there are many things to consider, plan for and make decisions about and this can often feel overwhelming, particularly when there are additional needs present in that young person’s life.

There may be long term health conditions, learning disability, families receiving social care support and other needs that mean a young person will need additional support and planning as they move from childhood to adulthood.

Universal Transition Pathway

The Universal Transition Pathway for Southampton City has been developed by a multi-agency group which included education, social care, health and parent/carer forum for both Children and Adult services. The pathway provides a high-level overview of key milestones for each age and school year, along with prompts for both services and the family and young person to consider as they approach adulthood and beyond. The pathway applies to any young person requiring transition planning into adulthood.

Download the Transition Pathway diagram

Transition guide

The Transition Guide for Southampton City has been developed by drawing on national best practice and guidance, legislation and local priorities around what makes a good transition. The guide builds on the Universal Transition Pathway, providing more in-depth information around areas such as the Lead Professional, Transition Operational Group and Transition Support Planning. The Guide also provides further detail around the Universal Pathway and includes examples of best practice.

Download the Transition Guide