Court Leet

Court Leet provides a valuable opportunity for any citizen or group of citizens in Southampton, to make representations (called presentments). The presentments are about matters of local concern, which might not normally come to the attention of the City Council.

Court Leet does not look into criminal matters.

This annual event takes place on the first Tuesday after Michaelmas which this year will be Tuesday 3 October 2023.

How to submit a presentment

The Presentment must be submitted in writing, along with the presenter’s names and addresses to the Designated Officer, through the Democratic Services office. This may be either before Court Leet or at Court Leet, at the discretion of the presenter.

If you wish to make a presentment and would like advice, assistance on the preparation of presentments please email Democratic Services:

The Panel 

The Court is made up of a panel, including Honorary Aldermen, past Mayors, past Sheriffs and others considered by the Sheriff to be suitable and appropriate persons to serve on the Jury, the Steward of the Manor of Court Leet (Service Director, Legal and Governance) and the Foreman/Madam Foreman of the Jury (the Sheriff).

Before Court Leet is held a ceremony called ‘Beating the Bounds’ takes place.

For further information, please feel free to email Democratic Services at 

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