Council Tax on uninhabitable properties

The Council Tax bill will be reduced by 50 per cent for a maximum of 12 months providing the empty property is either:

  • Undergoing major repair work or structural alteration, or
  • Needs major repair work to make it habitable

The 50 per cent discount will not apply unless the work is structural or major.

To receive the major repair/structural alterations discount you need to notify us promptly of any structural alterations because we may need to visit the property.

If you are intending to buy a property that is in need of structural alterations or major repair work there may be Council Tax to pay immediately if the 12 month discount period has already ended.


Before you fill in this form

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Notify us of structural or major works

After 12 months, the full Council Tax charge is payable even if your property is still uninhabitable.

Charges for properties empty for one year or more

An additional amount of Council Tax is charged when a property has been empty for one year or more. The additional charge was introduced to address the housing shortage by encouraging owners of unoccupied property to bring them back into use more quickly, either through sale or renting.

Length of time empty From 1 April 2019 From 1 April 2020 From 1 April 2021 From 1 April 2024
One to two years No increase No increase No increase 100% charge
Two to five years 100% charge 100% charge 100% charge 100% charge
Five to 10 years 100% charge 200% charge 200% charge 200% charge
10 years or more 100% charge 200% charge 300% charge 300% charge