DIY noise

Nail being hammered into wood


DIY works are small, short term projects undertaken by non-professionals. If you are beginning a larger, longer term project, please see the advice regarding Construction Noise.

You should think about the noise which your DIY project may create. Some tasks, such as hammering, or the use of power tools like drills, can cause disturbance to neighbours. Work to a wall or floor shared with a adjoining property can be particularly noisy. You should avoid carrying out noisy tasks in the early morning or late in the evening. If your DIY project will continue over several days, you should discuss the planned work with your neighbours and consider whether shift working, home working or children’s sleep patterns are likely to be affected by noisy tasks.

It is accepted that DIY tasks will create some noise in the short term, but if the project causes significant disturbance over an extended period of time the Council may take action to reduce the noise impact to neighbours.

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