Industrial and commercial noise

Fork lift truck working in a factory

Some businesses generate noise that disturbs people living or working nearby. Most commonly, noise from machinery, vehicles, sound systems or people causes neighbours to complain. The disturbance can be severe, depending on what time it occurs, how often it occurs and how loud it is.

If appropriate, we will then approach the business to discuss the problem and try to resolve the situation. The solution may be simple but, in some cases, more technical and costly measures may be required. The business may need to seek further professional advice, such as an acoustics consultant, to find a solution. For this reason, we always give businesses a reasonable period of time to resolve the problem.

If the noise is classed as a statutory nuisance, we can use enforcement powers if the business does not attempt to resolve the problem. Sometimes there are other control measures in place to minimise the noise coming from a business, such as planning or licensing conditions.

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