Odour complaints can arise from a number of sources, from food odours at takeaway outlets and restaurants, to industrial sources, such as solvent smells from paint spraying.

If you are suffering from an odour nuisance, try speaking to the business or person responsible for causing the problem. If this not successful, we may be able to help.

The council can take action if the odour is classed as a statutory nuisance. These could be:

  • Fumes from boilers
  • Smoke from bonfires or chimneys
  • Accumulations of waste, such as dog faeces or food items
  • Odour arising from animals being kept in poor conditions
  • Cooking smells from food businesses

Please note: We cannot deal with cooking odours or smoking odours from domestic properties.

Make a complaint about an odour

Gas leaks

If you can smell gas, please contact the National Gas Emergency Service immediately.
Telephone: 0800 111 999.