Street light issues

If you need to report a problem with street lighting, please see Street lighting in Southampton.

Artificial light

For light to be a statutory nuisance, it must be emitted from a premises and usually caused by poorly sited security or flood lights. If lights shine directly onto another premises, this could be causing a nuisance. Re-positioning or fitting devices to direct the light to where it is needed should reduce spillage onto neighbouring premises.

There are some premises where the statutory nuisance from light does not apply. These are:

  • An airport
  • Harbour premises
  • Railway premises
  • A bus station
  • Public service vehicle operating centre
  • A goods vehicle operating centre

If you experience light nuisance from one of the above sources, you may still be able to make a case in civil law and you would therefore need to seek independent legal advice.

Light nuisance caused by your neighbour

If the source is unusually bright, for example, if it prevents you from sleeping, we advise you to speak with your neighbour first about your issue. This usually leads to a solution being reached quickly and it can help you maintain a positive relationship with your neighbour. You could suggest to your neighbour that maybe they:

  • Move or partially shade the light
  • Fit an infra-red sensor
  • Use a lower wattage bulb, which are also much cheaper and more energy efficient

If the problem continues and you would like the council to investigate, please report it.

Make a complaint about light