Options Development Engagement (commencing 7 May 2021)

Itchen Bridge

River Itchen Flood Alleviation Scheme Partnership logos

The Project Team have been appraising potential design options which have included replacing or adapting the current quayside infrastructure and building a defence set back away from the quay edge. We would like to discuss the design options with all businesses across our scheme area which will help inform a decision on a leading option.

What are you doing?

Over the next couple of months we will be contacting all stakeholders that own a freehold or leasehold that may be impacted by and have an influence over the design. We hope to hold virtual meetings to discuss the design and specific alignment of the options.

Why are you engaging?

The Project Team would like to discuss the options with all businesses that may be impacted. Through our engagement we are looking to understand all the potential impacts to each and every business which we can then look to minimise through both the design and construction process.

When are you starting engagement?

Over the next couple of weeks members of the Project Team will start contacting and arranging virtual meetings with all identified stakeholders. We will begin holding virtual meetings from 7 May.

If you believe that you may be affected by the scheme but have yet to receive correspondence from the Project Team, please contact us at rifas@southampton.gov.uk