RIFAS Non-Intrusive Ground Investigations

As part of the scheme development, the project’s design contractors, VolkerStevin, are to carry out non-intrusive (above ground) site surveys in October 2023. The majority of works will be carried out on private land, however there will be a requirement to carry out surveys in the public highway and Crosshouse car park. 

What are you doing?  

To help with development of the scheme design we need to undertake non-intrusive ground investigations to better understand ground conditions and utilities. The surveys will be carried out using a Ground Penetrating Radar.

What is a Ground Penetrating Radar?

Images of ground penetrating radar

A Ground Penetrating Radar survey uses radar signals to detect anomalies underground. The survey is primarily used to detect underground services and structures.

Where will the surveys be taking place?

The surveys will be mainly undertaken on private land along the scheme frontage. Contact has been made with all landowners and leaseholders that will be directly affected.

Surveys will be undertaken in the public highway along Belvidere Road and Marine Parade. The works will take place overnight, beginning Wednesday 18 October, for approximately two weeks. Lane restrictions and closures will be in place between 8pm and 6am. All residents and businesses likely to be impacted will be contacted by Balfour Beatty by letter and information will be available on SCC Social Media channels.

There will also be surveys undertaken at Crosshouse car park and access to areas of the car park and slipways may be impacted for a short period.

All works will be undertaken on the quayside and no works will be undertaken within the Itchen estuary.

Who will carry out the surveys?

The works will be managed by VolkerStevin, supervising a subcontractor Socotec.

When will the surveys be taking place?

The investigations will be taking place from Monday 9 October 2023. Further intrusive investigations will be required and more information will be made available shortly.

How will this impact me?

The majority of surveys are being carried out on private land and therefore it is anticipated there will be minimal disruption to the general public.

Works carried out in the public highway will be taking place overnight (8pm to 6am) to minimise disruption and we are not intending any work to be carried out at weekends. Properties close to the carriageway may experience a temporary disturbance such as flashing lights and reversing sirens as this can be a noisy process. We would like to take this opportunity to apologise in advance for any inconvenience or disruption this work may cause.

While the surveys are being carried out, it is anticipated that survey areas will be cordoned off, preventing access to anyone other than the Ground Investigation team. 

Further Information

If you would like further information on the surveys or believe that you may be affected by the surveys but have yet to receive correspondence from the Project Team, please contact us at rifas@southampton.gov.uk.