Itchen Bridge

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Surveys (Commencing 29 June 2020)

As part of the scheme’s initial works, the project’s design consultants, JBA Consulting, are to carry out site surveys along the scheme frontage from the 29 June 2020.

A number of surveys will be carried out as part of these initial works to inform the design of the flood infrastructure and help understand the environmental impacts of the scheme.

A summary of the surveys being completed and durations of these can be found in the table below.

River Itchen Flood Alleviation Scheme Surveys





2 weeks A boat will be launched from a public or private slipway to record the below water riverbed levels.
Drone 2 days

A multi-rotor drone will be flown at 110m above ground level to record the ground elevation across the whole of the scheme area.

Terrestrial topographic

6-8 weeks A traditional topographic survey (land survey) will be conducted to create a detailed and accurate plan of both natural and man-made features and obstructions across the scheme area.

Condition assessment

2 weeks

A boat will be launched from a public or private slipway to inspect the condition of the existing flood risk management infrastructure along the frontage, record any defects and estimate the residual life.

In undertaking this work we would like to reassure you that the EA, Southampton City Council and the project appointed consultants and contractors will follow the good practice and 'Site Operating Procedures', as developed by the Government Construction Board working with the Construction Leadership Council, to ensure our work is completed safely.

Who will be affected?

The Project Team have contacted all of the landowners and leaseholders that are along the scheme’s frontage and who may be affected by the upcoming surveys.

If you believe that you may be affected by the surveys but have yet to receive correspondence from the Project Team, please contact us at