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Book of Remembrance
Book of Remembrance
Book of Remembrance
Book of Remembrance

A permanent record to commemorate your loved one

The Books of Remembrance are a simple and permanent form of memorial which are displayed in our Book of Remembrance Room at the crematorium. An alternative Book of Remembrance is also held at South Stoneham Cemetery’s Garden of Rest. The pages are turned daily so that relatives can view the entries which are made under the date of death. They comprise of beautifully hand-bound volumes and the entries are inscribed by professional calligraphers. Entries can be viewed on days other than the anniversary either at the online cabinet in the Book of Remembrance Room at the Crematorium, or online at home by visiting our website.

Memorial cards and miniature books, which include individually inscribed copies of the entry, are available to purchase for those who wish to keep a personal copy.

Application form

The Book of Remembrance application form can be filled in and returned by email to or printed off and sent by post to

Southampton Crematorium
Bassett Green Road
SO16 3NF

On receipt of the form a member of the team will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Book of Remembrance application form

Online Book of Remembrance

Using the date search method you are able to select the pages that you wish to view by their date within the Books of Remembrance.

Design details

  • TEXT - An entry may consist of two, five or eight lines of up to 32 characters a line, with the name on the first line. All text is handwritten in calligraphic style with decorative first letter
  • DECORATION - The entry can feature a motif or emblem
  • COPIES - Personal copies of the inscriptions in the Book of Remembrance are available in Miniature Books and Memorial Cards. Miniature Books are available in hand bound leather, vellum and faux suede. Memorial cards are available in white or with an embossed lily or teddy. Miniature Books and Memorial Cards can chapel of remembrance contain photographic material. The miniature book also contains extra pages for future entries to be added so that a family record can be created


  • Southampton Crematorium Chapel of Remembrance


£69 for a two-line entry, £122 for a five-line entry or £170 for an eight-line entry.

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