Balcony repairs - Documents

Balcony repairs
Document Type Size
Instructions to tenderersdoc42KB
Section 1 - Project Particularsdocx19KB
Section 2 - Framework Particularsdoc101KB
Section 3 - Underlying Contract Documentationdoc222KB
Section 3.1 - Appendices A-Gdocx91KB
Section 3.2 - Appendix J - Fluctuationsdocx19KB
Section 4 - Preambledoc110KB
Section 6 - Procurement Policydocx24KB
Section 7 - KPIs and Performance Measurement Systemdoc216KB
5.1 Scoring document - Moderatedxlsx47KB
5.1 Form of tender_CLC Contractors Limitedpdf73KB
5.2 Form of tender_CLC Contractors Limitedpdf73KB
5.2 Scoring Document- Moderatedxlsx124KB
5.3 Form of tender_CLC Contractors Limitedpdf70KB
5.3 Scoring Document - Moderatedxlsx44KB
Balcony Framework pre-start programme August 2017pdf54KB
CLC Contractors Limited Accounts 2015-2016pdf2MB
Letter to CLCdocx2MB
Letter to Mountjoydocx2MB
Mjoy_SCC_Audited Accounts 2yrspdf5MB
Mjoy_SCC_Draft Accounts 16-17pdf472KB
Mjoy_SCC_Form of Tenderpdf293KB
Mjoy_SCC_Pricing Documentxlsx116KB
Mjoy_SCC_Quality Questionnairepdf9MB
Parent Company Accounts Confirmationdocx11KB
PLD - Balcony Support and Remedial Work Framework v3docxdocx235KB
Proposed Subcontractorspdf28KB
Quarr Group Final Accounts 2013-2015pdf10MB
Question 1.2b-iipdf28KB
S-1001 Location Planspdf1MB
S-1100 Typical 4 Storey Elevation, Sections and Detailspdf1MB
Signed page from Tender Report - Appendix 1pdf43KB
Tender Report - Final Appendix 1pdf1MB
Tender to estimate comparison all lots - Appendix 3xlsx11KB

Section 5 Lot 1 - DOR blocks
Document Type Size
5.1 Scope of workdocx17KB
5.1 Questionnaire and Award Criteria - Refurbishment of Private Balconies to DOR Blocksdoc123KB
5.1 Form of tenderdocx15KB
5.1 Pricing documentxlsx28KB
5.1 Pre-construction Info Pack DOR Balconiespdf2MB
5.1 Specification - DOR Blocks Pvt Balconiespdf1MB
S-1000 General notes T1pdf2MB
S-1001 Location planspdf1MB
S-1100 Typical 4 Storey Elevation, Sections and Detailspdf2MB
CLC Tender Lot 1-5.1 Pricing Documentxlsx71KB
Lot 1 S20 Cost Breakdown (V2) Appendix 2xlsx12KB
Balcony Framework Schedule 2 - NOP - QLTA - OJEU - Lot 1 August 2017docx73KB

Section 5 Lot 2 - Walk up blocks
Document Type Size
5.2 Scope of workdocx15KB
5.2 Form of tenderdocx15KB
5.2 Pricing documentxlsx108KB
5.2 Questionnaire and Award Criteria - Refurbishment of 2 Storey Balcony Walkwaysdoc121KB
5.2 Specification - Walk Upspdf2MB
5.2 SCC Info Pack Walk Up Balconiespdf2MB
5.2 Appendix - Schedule of Rates for Concrete Repairspdf172KB
5.2 Appendix H - List of drawingsdocx11KB
S-2000 General notes T1pdf2MB
S-2001 Balcony Support General Arrangement T1pdf2MB
S-2002 Typical Balcony Section and Details T1pdf2MB
S-2003 Detailed Balcony Sections T1pdf2MB
S-2004 Detailed Balcony Sections (Extended Column) T1pdf2MB
S-2005 Typical Guardrail Details Sheet 1 T1pdf2MB
S-2006 Typical Guardrail Details Sheet 2 T1pdf2MB
S-2007 Stair Details and Infill Panel Details T1pdf2MB
S-2008 End plate and miscellaneous details T1pdf2MB
S-2009 Typical Stepped Block Details T1pdf1MB
S-2010 Typical Private Balcony Details T1pdf2MB
CLC Tender Lot 2-5.2 Pricing Documentxlsx151KB
Balcony Framework Schedule 2 - NOP - QLTA - OJEU - Lot 2 August 2017docx73KB
Lot 2 Appendix 2pdf33KB

Section 5 Lot 3 - Medium-rise blocks
Document Type Size
5.3 Scope of workdocx15KB
5.3 Form of tenderdocx15KB
5.3 Pricing documentxlsx31KB
5.3 Questionnaire and Award Criteria - Refurbishment of 2 Storey Balcony Walkwaysdoc125KB
5.3 Specification - Medium-Risepdf1MB
5.3 SCC Info Pack Medium-Rise Balconiespdf2MB
5.3 Appendix H - List of drawingsdocx22KB
S-3000 General notes T1pdf2MB
S-3001 Block Location Map T1pdf417KB
S-3002 Location Plans Sheet 1 T1pdf1MB
S-3003 Location Plans Sheet 2 T1pdf1MB
S-3004 Location Plans Sheet 3 T1pdf1MB
S-3100 Type 1 (SHS) T1pdf2MB
S-3150 Type 1 (RSA) T1pdf2MB
S-3200 Type 2 T1pdf2MB
S-3300 Type 3 T1pdf2MB
S-3400 Type 4 T1pdf2MB
S-3500 Type 5 T1pdf2MB
S-3600 Type 6 T1pdf2MB
S-3901 Typical Details Sheet 1 T1pdf1MB
S-3902 Typical Details Sheet 2 T1pdf2MB
S-3903 Typical Details Sheet 3 T1pdf1MB
CLC Tender Lot 3-5.3 Pricing Documentxlsx74KB
Balcony Framework Schedule 2 - NOP - QLTA - OJEU - Lot 3 August 2017docx114KB
Lot 3 Appendix 2pdf45KB
Medium Rise Cantilever Balcony Support ā€“ drawing (Lot 3)pdf44KB
RP200058 - MRHB - Balcony Reportpdf7MB
Vaudrey Close calcspdf1MB