Housing policies

All housing policy documents can be found at the bottom of this page.

Housing strategy 2011-2015 and Tenancy strategy
The housing strategy is an overarching strategy which sets out the council’s priorities to meet local housing needs and aspirations thereby contributing to the overall long-term aim to improve the quality of life for all citizens in Southampton. These priorities are translated into a series of targets and actions.

Homelessness prevention strategy
The Government requires that all Councils produce a homelessness strategy and review it every five years. We have a city wide commitment to resolving and preventing homelessness in Southampton and this strategy supports and reflects this approach.

Housing needs and market survey
The council commissioned an independent consultant to carry out a city-wide Housing needs and housing market survey during 2010. The results of the survey will inform future strategies for housing.

Housing strategy for people with learning disabilities
The members of the Southampton Learning Disability Partnership Board want to make sure that people can choose where they live. They are talking about how they can help people to choose how they want to live.

People do not need a special house just because they have a learning disability. The Partnership Board is looking at making sure people can choose what kind of house they want. The Partnership Board is developing a plan and this is called a 'housing and support options strategy'. It says:-

  • What we need to do to make sure people have choice?
  • When and how we are going to do it?

Housing strategy for older people
The Strategy plans for the housing and support needs of those who are aged 60 years and over, and those who are planning for their future housing needs. Age by itself does not determine what housing a person may need or wish for, or what support they may need, but as people age their housing needs may change.

Housing revenue account business plan
This is Southampton’s second HRA Business Plan produced as part of the Housing Improvement Programme (HIP) submission. It sets out plans for the HRA housing stock over a 5, 9 and 30-year timeframe to enable us to track our progress against the decent homes standard and respond to longer term investment needs.

Black and ethnic minorities housing report
Researching the Housing Needs and Aspirations of the Black and Minority Ethnic Communities in Southampton.

Council lettings policy and Lettings policy and mutual exchange policy temporary amendment
The Lettings Policy details information all about, for example, how we let our properties to people, how you may be eligible, how our housing points system works. A copy of this document is available on request from housing.allocations@southampton.gov.uk.

Council (landlord) tenancy policy
This landlord tenancy policy for the city council reflects the city's key objectives, the city plan, the tenancy strategy and takes into account other relevant strategies such as the housing and homelessness strategies.

It is intended to describe in more detail the types of tenancy which we will offer and the way in which we will do this.

Move-on and Pathway Guidance
This document explains the criteria and processes by which the council will review and assess provider proposals for the city over the next two years.

Gypsy and traveller accommodation assessment report

Gypsies and Travellers are ethnic minorities recognised by the Race Relations Amendment Act. Under the terms of the Act they have a right to a nomadic life style, to equal access to services such as education, health and accommodation and to protection from discrimination and harassment.

As a result of the problems that the Gypsy and Traveller community increasingly face the government has required all local authorities to carry out accommodation needs assessments for the community. This information is to be used to inform the Regional Spatial Strategy. This strategy sets out pitch numbers for each local authority.

The accommodation needs of gypsies and travellers and show people is in the process of being updated and will be published in due course.

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Housing Strategy 2016-2025pdf57.8 KB
Move On and Pathway Guidancepdf117.7 KB
Tenancy strategypdf314.4 KB
Homeless Prevention Strategy 2018-2023pdf128.5 KB
Housing needs and market surveypdf460.7 KB
Housing strategy for people with learning disabilitiespdf456.3 KB
Housing strategy for older peoplepdf489.8 KB
Black and ethnic minorities housing reportpdf2.1 MB
Decommissioning of housing stock policypdf616.8 KB
Acquisition and compulsory purchase orders policypdf556.9 KB
Council (landlord) tenancy policypdf288.7 KB
Allocations (Letting) Policy 2019pdf670.3 KB
Special Lettings Scheme Potters Courtpdf128.5 KB