Enforcement fees

Charges for Housing Act 2004 - Enforcement notice fees

Section 49 of the Housing Act 2004 permits local authorities to make a reasonable charge for notices served under Part 1 of that Act. This includes notices to improve housing conditions, prohibition orders and emergency action.

The charges have been reviewed and the new charges took effect from 1 December 2022. Therefore, any notice served under Part 1 of the Housing Act 2004 on or after 1 December 2022, will be subject to the charges below.

Notice Fee for 1-4 hazards* Fee for 5 or more hazards*
Improvement and Hazard Awareness Notices £275 £462
Prohibition/Emergency Prohibition Orders £330 £462

Other notices

Notice Fee*
Emergency remedial action £198
Demolition order £319
Review a Suspended Notice/Order £99

*All fees are inclusive of invoicing costs and are not subject to VAT

Enforcement policy

The Private Housing Enforcement Policy details how the Council will regulate standards in private housing in Southampton. It also provides a background to the legislation and guidance on which it is based.

An enforcement policy ensures consistency of approach among council officers and aids clarity if the Council takes legal proceedings or enforcement action is appealed against.

View the Private Housing Enforcement policy.