The concierge service

The concierge service uses a door entry system and CCTV to look after blocks of flats. They monitor the communal areas and outside areas helping residents to control who gains entry to the block.

The main features of the service are:

  • The concierge service links the main entrance door of a block to a control centre that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Homes are also linked to the control centre through a handset located in your flat
  • Depending on the scheme, the handset in your home may have a video screen to allow you to view visitors calling your flat from the main door
  • The concierge control centre also controls the CCTV network in and around the blocks covered by the scheme
  • Intercoms may also be installed in foyers, lobbies and lifts to allow the control centre to speak to people in these areas
  • The concierge service will work closely with your local housing office, tower block wardens and neighbourhood wardens to improve the blocks and the surrounding neighbourhood