The Green City Plan 2030

The Green City Plan 2030 sets out an ambitious vision for a more sustainable council and how it will contribute to tackling some of the most challenging environmental issues in our city. It includes more than 60 specific actions which we will undertake to deliver this, outlines the progress that has already been made and how ongoing progress will be measured.

In response to the climate emergency our Plan commits to achieving net zero emissions in council commercial buildings by 2030, increasing the proportion of renewable energy generated and the proportion of zero and low emission vehicles used.

However, the Plan also recognises the interconnected nature of our environment and extends across five themes. For each theme we’ve established what we will do and how we will get there. We’ve also indicated how we will measure our success and the outcomes we expect to see.

Here are some highlights:

1. Sustainable energy and carbon reduction

  • By 2030 council corporate assets will have net zero carbon footprint
  • 90% of our council fleet will be zero-emission by 2030

2. Delivering clean air

  • 100% of taxi and private hire fleet low emission or clean air zone compliant by 2023
  • 100% of bus routes will be serviced by clean air zone compliant vehicles by end of 2020
  • Work with partners to deliver the infrastructure needed to support a zero emission public transport system across the city by 2030

3. Our natural environment

  • At least 25 new urban wildflower meadows introduced by 2025
  • Increase city tree coverage by planting at least 5,000 trees in public land by 2030
  • Establish a Green Space Volunteers Forum in 2020 to harness public interest in improving our open spaces

4. Resources, waste and water management

  • Double waste recycling rates by 2030
  • A new council Ethical and Sustainable Procurement Policy operating by 2021

5. Sustainable travel

  • 15% of journeys into the city will be by bike by 2027
  • Be in the top 10% UK cities for number of public electric vehicle charging units by 2025
  • Deliver two Active Travel Zones in the city by 2025

Download your copy of The Green City Plan 2030