The Green City Charter

The Green City Charter for Southampton

Our vision is to make Southampton a leading city in the green economy.

Southampton will be a better place for present and future generations that is prepared for the challenges presented by climate change.

We will achieve this by ensuring we are ambitious, lead by example and set ourselves challenging goals.

  1. We want to be carbon neutral by 2030

  2. We will take actions that will improve the quality of life in our city. We want the Healthy Life Expectancy Indicator to be the best amongst our peers and to remove the difference cities like Southampton experience with rural areas in terms of deaths attributed to air pollution

  3. We will work in partnership, share our knowledge and inspire others

  4. We will protect and enhance our natural environment

  5. We will make the best use of our resources, reduce our energy consumption, minimise waste and ensure we repair, reuse and recycle

  6. We will encourage, promote and incentivise the use of sustainable and active travel

  7. We will reduce emissions and aspire to satisfy World Health Organisation air quality guideline values. By 2025 we want to see nitrogen dioxide levels of 25 µg/m3 as the norm

  8. We will use energy that is generated from renewable sources and support the generation of sustainable energy that does not compromise local air quality

  9. We will use services and products that support our vision
Making Southampton a more sustainable city

We encourage residents, communities, businesses and other organisations in the city to follow our lead, pledge your support for The Green City Charter and then look to see what actions you can take to satisfy those commitments.

You can see the organisations that have already committed to support our vision by visiting our key partner pledges page.

Download a copy of The Green City Charter.

Find out how Southampton City Council will achieve the shared vision of a more sustainable city in The Green City Plan 2030.

Introducing The Green City Plan 2030

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