Stronger Communities - Useful templates

Community Group Templates

Templates for use by community groups to help keep things organised.

Document Type Size
Attendance sheetdoc32.5 KB
Agenda (standard)doc37 KB
Inaugural agendadoc24 KB
AGM agendadoc22.5 KB
Minutesdoc61.5 KB
Nominal voting formdoc36.5 KB
Group membership formdoc32.5 KB
Annual accounts templatedocx15.4 KB
Monthly accounts templatedoc98.5 KB
Cash flow statementdoc102.5 KB
Petty cash book (simple)doc90.5 KB
Project budgetdoc86 KB
Action plandoc125.5 KB
Photo permission formdoc97 KB

For more guidance and templates see Policies, Procedures, Good Practice and Factsheets – Southampton Voluntary Services

Community Group Policies

Legal and statutory policies to help you run your local community group.

The Disclosure and Barring service

Southampton Voluntary Services policies and procedures

Document Type Size
Tenant or Resident association constitutiondocx19.4 KB
Community Group Constitutiondoc69 KB
Equal Opportunities Policydoc41 KB
Code of conductdoc41.5 KB
Finance Policydoc54 KB
Instructions on developing a safeguarding children policydoc25.5 KB

Community Group Guides

Guides on starting, running or funding your community group.

Writing a business plan

Document Type Size
Starting and running community groupspdf345.5 KB
Funding guidedocx90.0 KB
Insurance guidepdf318.4 KB
How to plan an eventdoc252.5 KB
How to promote your group, project or eventdoc1.5 MB
Minute Takingpdf62.5 KB
Publicity Officerdoc32 KB
How to run a community buildingpdf499.7 KB