Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol, drugs and domestic abuse

Alcohol does not always cause domestic abuse but there is evidence that shows where violence and abuse exists, alcohol is often present.

Although it is more likely that abusers will offend while under the influence of drinks and drugs, these are not the cause of their abusive behaviour. There are lots of people who drink too much or take drugs who do not abuse their partners.

Abusers sometimes use drink or drugs as an excuse for their behaviour by saying they were drunk or do not remember, but this does not take away their responsibility for their behaviour. Abusers who have either a drink or drug problem, or both, should address their abusive behaviour and substance abuse.

Victims may turn to using alcohol or drugs as a form of self-medication and relief from the pain, fear and isolation associated with the abuse. There is evidence to show that male partners often introduce women to drugs.

Support and information

How to access our services

Our services are ‘open access’ which means you can self-refer by dropping in, emailing or calling. We also accept referrals from GPs (Doctors) and external agencies.

Our services are split by age.

Adults (25 years and over)

Website: CGL Southampton Drug and Alcohol Support Services

Tel: 023 8071 7171

Change Grow Live
50-52 London Road
SO15 2SF


Young people (24 years or under)

Website: DASH (Drug Alcohol Support and Health)

Telephone: 023 8022 4224

13 High Street
SO14 2DF


National support

Talk to Frank

A national drug information service with honest information about drugs

Telephone: 0300 1236 600


Adfam is a UK charity working to improve support for those affected by someone else's substance use

Website: Adfam

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