Southampton Safe Places Network

Safe Place logo - 'Ask inside for details'

We are contacting services and businesses in the city, to ask them to join the Southampton Safe Places Network, part of the national network: Safe Places - Keep Safe with Safe Places

The Safe Places Network

Any service or business that registers could act as a temporary refuge when a person is feeling unsafe. The network offers safety for any adult or young person who feels vulnerable while out and about in public.

Vulnerable people can carry a Safe Places card to contain the names and contact numbers of relatives or friends, who can be called for help when they have reached a safe space. These cards will be available in various accessible premises in the city.

The person may also need help with more serious issues such as bullying and harassment or theft, for example, where the police may need to be called.


Once registered as member (which is free), we will send a staff room poster and a communication guide to help assist staff members when providing support to the person.

The premises will be an active location on the Safe Places website map, and on the free to use Safe Places App that people can use to find a temporary refuge in time of need.

Members will have access to free learning materials and resources. Southampton City Council will also provide a Safe Places logo sticker for members to use on windows or doors to help people identify the premises as a Safe Place.

Please share this information with your colleagues and your wider networks to encourage other local services and businesses to register as a Safe Place.

Please email to register as a member or to ask any questions.

Membership can promote a business/venue’s reputation as they become known as a Safe Place, enhancing relations with the community, and helping Southampton become a safe and accessible city for all.

Useful services for supporting an individual

We've put together a comprehensive list of support services for Southampton's Safe Places Network. This document includes how to report a crime, useful links and resources, helplines and what support services are available for varying needs.

UK SAYS NO MORE has advice, tools, and information on how to respond to potential disclosures of domestic abuse and sexual violence. This advice can also be applied to other sensitive issues, such as someone seeking refuge because of public sexual harassment or stalking. View this on the UK SAYS NO MORE website

Southampton Safe Places Network - Case studies