Frogs Copse

Frogs Copse

Frog’s Copse is a semi-natural open space with mixed woodland and rough grassland supporting a range of species including bats, bullfinch, song thrush, stag beetle and the purple hairstreak butterfly. Frog’s Copse also has a copse with a woodland stream and a pond. Once regularly coppiced, the copse is largely made up of alder, oak and larch with some impressive Monterey pines. The entire site is designated as a SINC (Site of Importance for Nature Conservation).

A footpath around the grassland area provides visitors with access for walking whilst a regular cut area at the northern end provides space for ball games. There are open views from the elevated grassland area of Frog’s Copse across the Townhill Park estate and the city beyond.
Current management is low level consisting of cutting paths, emptying litter bins and maintaining the park entrances and grassland management consisting of cutting and bailing areas of the meadow.

Frog’s Copse can be accessed via Pinefield Road, Old Farm Drive, Northfield Road, Norwich Road, Halstead Road and Woodmill Lane (Nr Cornwall Road). Parking is very limited on these residential roads.

View the Frogs Copse management plan.


Frogs Copse
Woodmill Lane
Northfield Road
Pinefield Road
Marlhill Close 
SO18 2QE

  • Managed for wildlife
  • Kick about area near Northfield Road entrance