Portswood Residents' Gardens conservation area

Portswood Residents' Gardens Conservation Area forms a distinctive residential development in the inner suburbs of Southampton. Roughly diamond-shaped, it is bounded on the north-west and south-west by Brookvale Road where it abuts the Uplands Estate (Highfield) Conservation Area and touches the Oakmount Triangle Conservation Area. On the north-east side, Highfield Lane provides the boundary while the back gardens of the houses in lower Abbotts Way and Russell Place mark the south-eastern limits. Access to the interior of the conservation area is provided by Russell Place and Abbotts Way.

A conservation area appraisal and management plan was produced after consultation and input from local residents. The council also made an Article 4 (2) Direction on the conservation area

Since the adoption of the management plan the Government has amended that part of the General Development Order dealing with the requirement to seek planning permission for the erection of solar panels within conservation areas. Planning permission is now only required if the panels will stand proud of the roof by 200mm or more, otherwise they are considered permitted development unless specifically excluded under an Article 4 Direction.

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