Southampton City Vision

Planning affects us all; the homes we live in, the facilities we use, the different ways we travel, and the places we go to work and school.

Southampton City Vision sets out how Southampton City Council, as the Local Planning Authority, intends to deliver the new homes, employment areas, infrastructure and facilities that will be needed to enable the City to grow over the next 20 years while also protecting and enhancing the City’s environment and green areas.

Overall, the role of Southampton City Vision is to make sure that development happens in a coordinated way, taking into account local peoples’ views and collectively delivering everything needed for Southampton to grow. Previous iterations of this process have for example led to the redevelopment of the Fruit and Veg Market into Bow Square and have provided ongoing protection to the city’s green space and parks." Councillor Sarah Bogle, Cabinet Member for Economic Development

The council wants Southampton City Vision to be a place shaping tool that is both city wide and community focussed, meeting the development needs of the city whilst recognising the needs and diversity of individual communities.

Thank you to everyone who had their say on the draft plan during the last consultation. A summary of your comments on each policy can be found at Have your say. These views and comments will be considered as we progress onto the next stage of the Local Plan process.

The Stories of Southampton show how past plans have helped transform the city and you can get into the detail with the documents library.

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Find information about when and how you can have your say on the Plan, and all of the consultation responses we have received so far.

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What will be included in Southampton City Vision?

One of the main challenges of producing this plan is to ensure that we address the city’s key issues whilst meeting the Government’s and legal requirements.

To meet these requirements, our plan will have to:

  • Identify land for new homes and workspaces, maximising the potential of space available
  • Provide necessary infrastructure and facilities to support the growth of the city
  • Protect and enhance the environment

However, we would also like our plan to:

  • Recognise individual neighbourhood identities
  • Connect us with our waterfront
  • Encourage growth and further investment in the city

What happens next?

Now that we have published detailed comments and summaries by policy, we will:

  • Commission further evidence
  • Select final policy options and revise the Draft Plan
  • Publish and consult on the final version of the Plan (Regulation 19)
  • Publish and submit Southampton City Vision to the Secretary of State
  • Support the examination of the Southampton City Vision by an independent planning inspector
  • Make main modifications based on the inspector's feedback
  • Adopt the Southampton City Vision