Local Development Plan

Southampton City Council's Local Development Plan provides the framework for all development in the city until 2026.

These plans are important because they set out how we want our city to look and feel. They guide new developments to appropriate locations while protecting and improving the environment and people’s quality of life. They will be used to decide planning applications and investment decisions across the city.

The Development Plan is a collection of adopted plans. These consist of the City Centre Action Plan (adopted 2015), Core Strategy including the changes from the Core Strategy Partial Review (adopted 2015), ‘saved’ policies in the Local Plan Review (amended 2015), the Bassett Neighbourhood Plan (2016) and the Minerals and Waste Plan (adopted 2013). There are also supplementary planning documents with more detailed policies.

Please visit the City Centre Action Plan and Core Strategy Partial Review examinations webpages to view the examination documents and Inspector's report.

If you are looking for a specific policy, the table of planning policies shows which plan it is in. It also notes if the policy still applies or if it has been replaced in a later plan.

Please see our Local Development Scheme for more information on what plans the Council intends to change or develop. You can also find further details on our emerging plans webpage.