Appeal a decision

Where a child is not eligible for travel assistance, parents may ask for the decision to be reconsidered to include any exceptional circumstances they wish to put forward.

In this case, a parent/carer can ask for an exceptional circumstances application from the Travel Co-ordination team by emailing The form will set out the process and what information you will need to provide with the application.

If we reject your application again, you may appeal to a panel of senior officers. We can inform you how to do this, should you wish to appeal.

If you disagree with the decision made following the appeal, it can be forwarded to the Service Director for Children & Families for their consideration.

If we find that travel assistance was granted in error, we will give you one full terms notice to allow you time to make other arrangements.

If we find that travel assistance was denied in error, we will arrange transport as soon as possible and we will consider reimbursing parents in retrospect, with a normal time limit of the start of the academic year in question.