Personal budgets

Services in Southampton that you can request a personal budget for

The funding areas which could form a personal budget will increase over time. Currently, the following areas could be accessed as a personal budget:

  • Specialist short breaks
  • Continuing care / continuing healthcare
  • Top up funding provided to school or colleges to support individuals
  • Home to school travel

You can combine funding from different agencies if your child or young person is eligible for more than one service. This means it's put into one personal budget to plan and provide support in a more joined up way. This would be done through the Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and linked to outcomes within the plan.

For example, a young person eligible for specialist short breaks and for SEN top up funding could pool the funding to employ a joined up support team. This team could deliver continuity between school and home including over the school holidays.

Please see below information for individual services that you could receive a personal budget for.

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