SEND strategic review 2017-2018

The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) provision review was undertaken across Southampton and Portsmouth. Aiming to identify the future needs of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities, the report presents a number of recommendations and options for how future needs can be met. The findings of the review have been taken forward by the local authority with the support of partner agencies and parent groups. 

Update – June 2021

Following the publication of the SEND strategic review an action plan was developed to take forward the recommendations. Actions developed to date include: 

  • The establishment of a multi-agency Early Years Panel to have oversight of children who have or may have SEND or complex health needs to ensure that all agencies are sighted on the child and family’s needs and that provision is in place. Through the Panel, gaps in provision are being identified and addressed and future provision is planned
  • The development of an Inclusion Strategy to include:
    • An inclusion charter – defining what inclusion means
    • An inclusion audit – helping schools to self-assess how inclusive they really are
    • Inclusion guidance – supporting schools to develop an inclusive environment
    • An early years and school age profile of need – a tool to help settings identify the needs of their school population
    • An annual review of SEND – assessing current needs against forecast needs and planning provision accordingly
    • The development of a special school expansion and reconfiguration programme

Work is ongoing around The SEND Strategic Review. More updates will follow.

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Download the SEND strategic review.