Services for schools: Scientific Services (Asbestos Management)

Southampton City Council’s Corporate Estates & Assets – Asbestos provides you with the support and reassurance you need to ensure that any asbestos risks in your properties are recognised and managed safely, effectively and in accordance with current regulations.

Teacher and pupil in chemistry labSouthampton City Council’s Corporate Estates & Assets – Asbestos will:

  • Ensure all buildings are subject to a full and current management survey that identifies asbestos hazards in all accessible areas and provides a thorough assessment of the risks they are likely to present.
  • Provide an asbestos register and management plan (using the findings of the survey) that will allow you, your contractors, partners and visitors to identify asbestos hazards and understand the actions required to ensure they do not pose a risk.
  • Maintain all asbestos management information relating to your buildings on our purpose built database and document management system.
  • Deliver the asbestos register and management plan through an online facility that provides you, your contractors and partners with access to your most current asbestos register and management plan at any time.
  • Update the register and plan to reflect: Management actions as they are completed, Changes to your buildings, Any additional incidents that might be discovered, Changes in legislative requirements or good practice.
  • Undertake a routine inspection of all known or suspected Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs in accordance with the interval designated by the management plan to assess condition and circumstance.
  • Provide a telephone and email helpline for resolving queries and requesting support and advice on asbestos related matters (office hours).
  • Routinely review the asbestos register and management plan to ensure they are accurate, effective and compliant with the Health and Safety Executives Approved Code of Practice.
  • Provide a reactive call-out service (during normal working hours) to investigate, sample and assess any confirmed or suspected ACMs that are discovered or disturbed during routine activities.
  • Manage all the information concerning asbestos related actions to ensure documents certifying the standard of work undertaken is archived and the asbestos register and management plan is updated accordingly.
  • Provide you with support in fulfilling your duties to manage contractors by undertaking compliance checks on any asbestos removal/remedial works. We can provide you with the assurance that your contractors proposed working methods are suitable and sufficient and that works undertaken are done so in accordance with the methods specified.
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