Services for schools: Pest control and specialist cleansing

This SLA provides reassurance that rats, and mice are effectively and safely being kept under control on the school premises and that your school is compliant with duties under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act and, where you have catering facilities, The Food Safety Act.

Worker killing waspsThe SLA provides:

  • Programmed rat control visits to survey site monitor and replenish
  • Bait boxes and additional requested rodent control visits
  • Wasps nests treated
  • Pigeon proofing survey
  • Visit to safely remove an unforeseen discarded hypodermic syringe

Monthly visits are required as a minimum to ensure good stewardship in the use of poisons and other materials to control pests, but more regular visit can be undertaken if required under our tailored contract. Each visit you will receive a clear visit report and site map detailing any activity, actions taken and recommendations. We ensure that baits are effective and only used when required. Once the contract is arranged, we will schedule in your monthly visits with you for the year.

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