Virtual school

Virtual school: Believe and achieve

Who are we?

The Virtual school team support the education of children and young people who are looked after. We don't have school buildings as all the children and young people we focus on remain the responsibility of and attend the school at which they are enrolled.

In addition we also provide an advisory service for previously looked after children and children who have ever had a social worker.

We work together with schools, carers, social workers, health professionals and education professionals, to help children achieve their full potential.

What do we do?

We champion the children and young people’s educational needs. We monitor progress and attendance and make sure everyone has a school to attend. We make sure well targeted personal education plans and interventions are in place and that success is celebrated. We work closely with schools, carers, social workers and health professionals and a range of education professionals to help our young people achieve the most they can.

Our training courses are available on a range of subjects and to a range of people including schools, carers and social workers.

We advise on Special Educational Needs (SEN), school transfers, school applications and suspensions.

The Virtual School aims to challenge and support young people and professionals to ensure that the best possible progress is made by the young person in the best possible place.


  • Monitoring progress and attendance
  • Supporting our young people and professionals around them
  • Quality assuring personal education plans
  • Planning targeted interventions and celebrating achievements
  • Practical support for children, young people and their carers throughout their education
  • Support at specific times such as the transfer to primary or secondary, moving schools, exclusions
  • Gaining appropriate support for any special educational needs
  • Hold three Personal Education Plan (PEP) meetings, during the academic year with everyone involved in the education plan

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