Music services

Southampton Music Service brings a breadth of musical resource, specialism and activity to all communities in our city.

Southampton Music Service is the lead organisation for the Southampton Music Hub Partnership. This is a network of local and national organisations that work together to provide:

  • Instrumental and vocal tuition
  • Concerts
  • Special events
  • Family music making
  • Workshops
  • Holiday courses


Southampton Music Service (SMS) provides an impressive range of ensembles:

  • Brass bands
  • Choirs
  • Jazz groups
  • Orchestras
  • Percussion groups
  • Rock bands
  • String groups
  • Ukulele groups
  • Wind bands

These activities bring extra enjoyment and opportunities for young musicians to perform in high-profile concerts and tours.

Instrument and vocal lessons

Southampton Music Service provides instrumental and vocal tuition in schools and colleges. These take place during school hours and at the end of the school day.

Further details, including rehearsal and concert dates, plus how to join, can be found on the ensembles page of Southampton Music hub.


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