HAF frequently asked questions

On this page are frequently asked questions for the Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme.


Who is eligible? SHOW

How do I register for free school meals? SHOW

What are the dates? SHOW

Registration and booking

How do I register on the platform? SHOW

How do I book an activity? SHOW

How many events can I attend? SHOW

Do I have to pay for some activities? SHOW

How do I find out more information about the activities? SHOW

What if I need more support with registration or booking? SHOW

How many spaces are available at the different sites? SHOW

What are the timings of the sessions? SHOW

Attending events

Can paying customers attend? SHOW

Does my child get a free lunch? SHOW

Is there a choice for food? SHOW

What if I book an activity and do not attend? SHOW

Can I leave my child? SHOW

What do I need to bring to the sessions? SHOW

Do you offer transport? SHOW

Children's needs and safety

Do you have a provision for children with SEND? SHOW

What if my child has additional needs? SHOW

Is an activity suitable for my child? SHOW

What does HAF put in place for the safety of my child? SHOW

I am concerned about a particular provider. What should I do? SHOW

Additional support

My child needs mental health support. Is this support readily available? SHOW

What if my family needs support? SHOW

Who do I contact if I need more support? SHOW