Apply for post-16 travel support

Once you have read the eligibility guidance for the student, you can apply for travel support by contacting us for an application form.

Things to consider before you apply

Discounts and concessionary fares may be available to learners through individual education and training providers. Details of schemes available through local providers (within Southampton and neighbouring areas) are available on the list of post-16 provisions. You may also wish to contact the providers directly.

How do we assess travel support?

We look at travel support to the nearest further education provider or apprenticeship placement assessed by us to be the most suitable placement for the student, and which offers a course or programme which meets the needs of the applying student.

Where a suitable course cannot be provided in Southampton, we will offer travel support to the next nearest further education provider offering the appropriate course that meets our assessed needs, or what course meets a student’s needs.

We also check if your child is suitable for Independent Travel Training. This is where a Travel Trainer will work with the student to build their confidence and ability to travel independently.

What do I need to apply?

To apply for post-16 travel support:

  • Check that your child meets the relevant eligibility criteria
  • Read our frequently asked questions to help with the application
  • Provide copies of relevant evidence to go along with your application

To request an application form, please email the School Travel Service at

You can then return your application either by:

Remember: Please make sure that the application is completed by all relevant parties, and provide the correct evidence, or your application will be delayed.