Blue Badge parking - frequently asked questions

Still have queries? We have answered some of our frequently asked questions for you below:

How much does a Blue Badge cost? SHOW

How do I apply for a Blue Badge? SHOW

How long will my application take? SHOW

Can I apply for a Blue Badge for a child? SHOW

Can I apply for a Blue Badge on Behalf of someone else? SHOW

When will I hear back about my application? SHOW

Why does it take so long to process a Blue Badge application? SHOW

My Blue Badge is due to expire when do I need to re-apply? SHOW

How do I extend my badge? SHOW

I'm changing address, what should I do with my Blue Badge? SHOW

Will I need an assessment for a Blue Badge? SHOW

What supporting evidence do I need to provide with my application? SHOW

My application has been declined when can I re-apply? SHOW

How do I appeal a decision when I have been refused a Blue Badge? SHOW

I have mobility issues; can I have a blue badge? SHOW

My badge has expired, and I haven't got my new one yet, what should I do? SHOW

How do I replace an expiring Blue Badge? SHOW

I’ve moved from another town/city to Southampton. Who do I contact in order for my details to be updated? SHOW

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Telephone: 023 8083 3748