Organisational Blue Badge

Applying for an organisational Blue Badge

An organisational Blue Badge may be issued to organisations whose responsibility includes the care and transportation of disabled people who would themselves meet the eligibility criteria for a badge should they apply individually. The council administers the Blue Badge scheme for the Southampton area on behalf of the Department for Transport.


Your organisation should regularly transport 12 disabled people or more. The conditions for the issue of a Blue Badge are detailed in the Department for Transport leaflet Can I Get a Blue Badge? The eligibility criteria can be found on the application form.

Print out the application form and return it in person or by post to the Blue Badge Team, Post Room, Southampton, SO14 7LY.

Apply for an organisational blue badge


£10 per badge on collection.

Collecting your organisational Blue Badge(s)

You will have to collect your Blue Badge in person from the Gateway office. You will require proof on letter headed paper that you are representing the organisation and any previous Organisational Blue Badges along with the fee. Please note that badges will not be issued if proof of identity is not provided or previous badges are not surrendered at the time of collection.