City centre season tickets

If you park in Southampton city centre on a regular basis, you may benefit from buying a season ticket to get cheaper parking.

The city centre is defined as the area within the boundary of the pay and display zone (controlled zone), and entry signs are placed on all major routes. You can see this on our parking map.

Electric vehicle users can also claim a 90% discount on any of our season tickets for which they are eligible (the ‘Fuel type’ on the vehicle’s V5C must say ELECTRIC or ELECTRICITY only. This does not include hybrid vehicles).

Some multi-storey car parks in the city centre can be paid for using a prepaid parking card. These can be topped up and in some cases may offer a discount.

Please note: any existing Weekend Season Tickets will now be treated as being valid on Evenings and Weekends.

Types of City Centre Season Ticket

Off Street, Anytime Season Ticket for city centre residents SHOW

On Street Evening and Weekend Season Ticket for city centre residents SHOW

Anytime On Street Season Ticket for city centre residents SHOW

Anytime Season Ticket and Overnight Season Ticket available for everyone SHOW


Misuse of a season ticket is fraud. We will investigate all reports of the misuse of tickets.

Please read the important information and terms of use.

Section 115 of the Road Traffic Regulations Act, 1984

Provides penalties for any person who makes a false statement to obtain a season ticket or with intent to deceive, forges, or alters, or uses, or lends to, or allows to be used, or has in their possession any document so closely resembling any such season ticket as to be calculated to deceive.