Gritting and snow clearance

Our aim is to make Southampton's roads as safe as possible in bad weather by gritting roads and providing grit bins.

From 1 November to the end of March we provide the winter maintenance service for the city and this includes the following activities:

  • Pre-salting to help prevent ice forming
  • Post-salting to melt ice and snow that has already formed

For up to date information follow our highways service on Twitter at @scchighways

Gritting roads

We cannot grit all the roads in the city. Priority gritting routes have been established.

Priority one routes receive routine pre-salting, in advance of any forecast of frost, ice or snow.

Priority two routes are treated only where there is prolonged and persistent frost or ice, which is expected to continue, or following snow.

We monitor daily weather forecasts and road conditions to enable us to decide when precautionary salting or other treatment is required and can react quickly to extreme weather conditions.

Gritting pavements

Where possible we will prioritise the gritting and clearance of main access footway routes and those with heavy pedestrian movement in times of prolonged severe weather. There is no guarantee that these routes will be kept clear of slippery conditions.

Over 300 grit bins are strategically located throughout the city solely for the use on public roads and footways and should not be removed for private use.

You can also apply for a grit bin or request an existing one be refilled.


Before you fill in this form

You won't be able to save this form to complete later, so please allow yourself up to five minutes to fill in the form.

Outside of the winter maintenance period, refill requests are put on hold. All grit bins are refilled and checked at the end of September.

Report about a grit bin

The Department of Transport Snow Code provides practical advice for householders wishing to clear snow or ice from the footway outside their homes or from public spaces.